Conversational Web

Blogging has erupted through the modern world and has become the new way of reporting and reacting towards events. This new form of media sparked a wave of conversation by simply just being apart of a trending feed. The same trending feeds could be seen on every social media platform, everyone has the tools to be a blogger, with or without a mass audience.

The beauty about blogging has grown through the appearance of civic journalism and armchair reporting. Blogs help out the main stream media report relevant segments that could embark a feed of trending subjects such as magazine’s hiring bloggers to expand on past post either through; fashion, music, cooking, etc… The final outcome of blogging was created to


share and link author’s work, Felix Salmon endorsed the idea of everyone being a blogger since everyone takes part in conversation. Blogging has stripped away newspaper tendencies such as a potentially biased opinions to selective exposure in media. Although blogs do send of a biased opinion, they also habit other links that help generate both sides of one news story.

The ability to share and link a blog together has drifted away from the standard journalist ideals, that being, “journalists hate to credit others, while bloggers love to.” Once said in “Notes On Blogging Journalist” by Felix Salmon, that alone separates the previous ideas on account of the birth of this new media. New media alone host the voice of many artist that hold conversation let alone, the birth of new media brought out the capability to explore people’s blogs that contain deeper thinking and understanding of an individual’s background, that being through culture or not. The importance of blogging was held down to the understanding of a voice and taking advantage of what that voice embodies. Blogging alone holds more truth about an issue and more genuine emotion that some media sites can’t cover or won’t cover because it expresses too much realism of humanity.

The original media such as newspapers or online platforms that embed the newspapers ideas only show the majority voice such as things that would be well accepted to a mass audience of readers. Blogging has exposed voices that are left out of the mass media, simply because it isn’t covered in that weeks issue or because it isn’t backed up enough by many voices. The ability to create a blog has been left open for any individual that wants to be more involved with this new method of conversing, in spite the fact that a social media network could correspond as its own blog.

In a more direct approach, blogging is very crucial in this society because of how many individuals have become reliant on blog sites and have shouted an innovative voice such as continuously having a conversation through links and post. Blogs have given the people more of a voice but a voice that isn’t destined for dry conversation, instead it’s a voice that is constantly heard and fed back through the many sources of the web. Blogging has emerged to create constant conversation while other sources just rely on your ability to take in information and wait for the next source. Although it isn’t news, blogs have created categories that report back on what should cross your web.


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