A Blog About Blogs

Blogging could be seen as a new method of writing and is seen as a tool that no one really needs. Blogging has created new platforms that have proven to become extremely successful, introduced new key elements in social media, and have formed the power of blog sites along with corporate businesses.

Blogging is seen as to be an irrelevant form of media and has been said to die out! Blogging is still on the rise and has created it’s own social tools that could bring an individual to success just by having small exposure in the blog. Links are often used for other blog writers and news sources through the internet, but this new age has created many opportunities for individuals that have important ideas that are being captured through the corporate world. Blogging has fuzed the phrase ‘ it’s not what you know but who you know,’ since many individuals have found success through the ability of sharing and linking others.

Blogging has created a tool to share and share people’s work and even your personal life although that form of blogging has now transferred over to a form of video blogging through YouTube. Blogging has repeatedly adapted to the internet such as social media sites creating the ability to share and to link actual people together. Twitter, Tumbler, and even Facebook has created the ability to do exactly what blogs are known to do which is hyperlinking and sharing post to continuously run through the spider-web of social media. Although it might not be exactly like a blog such as quality of writing to topical situations, social media still holds the ideas of an actual blog which is the ability to share others and be more connected with an other internet persona.

The success of blogs has often been overseen and have been ignored socially but the corporate world has invested so much on their internet persona. The ability of having a present internet persona and a credible one could help build a company’s label and could even improve their sales and the whole company’s image. Having the ability to market through blogs and being able to show an online presence could encourage more customer involvement while also having new customers view the company’s good online ratings. Blogs help support ratings while giving customer reviews, the beauty in this is it could spark conversation between a company and a customer. This exact thing could also be seen on twitter and is an exact reflection of ‘@’ someone.’ This small thing helps evoke conversation that is usually hard to obtain when dealing with a company. Having a company blog could help push out new merchandise and have pre-orders ready. Instead of marketing through a company that isn’t in on building a customer and company relationship, blogging could help a company save money by relying on the power of the internet to push out their new merchandise.

The power of a blog could influence culture and anything within those lines. Many blogs were and still are created to influence culture and to evoke change within the community. Music blogs have continuously created a trending artist that have had a cultural impact. World Star Hip Hop has created the ability to share music and to share new artist that have now influenced the culture to progress further on music or even a trending feed such as fashion or a new fun meme. (A meme being an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.) These blogs have created a new wave of marketing and ideas, big corporations are now relying on these blogs in order to push out new relevant artist and are consistently looking for the new Hot 100 songs. Blogs have created things that many of us consistently overlook and are constantly establishing cultural milestones.

New media has even crossed over to journalism and has created many platforms that could be said to be more credible and reliable than actual news sources. Well these blog sources aren’t as prestigious but do push out faster content and could become a site that many individuals check first such as Buzzed to Complex News. Bloggers are starting to get more recognition by bigger companies because of the great work they output in the public sphere to the following they have established on their own. Blogging is a faster way on entering the world of journalism and has even brought many opportunities to those with a mass following and it has even influenced blogs to become their own network.
Overall, blogs have progressed through every form of society. That being of course through the corporate realm, youth culture, and even news media outlets. The ability to share and share has gone a long way and is still progressing through social media and even all of your hobbies!


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