Three Stripes

Adidas has always been one of the leading shoe brands out there. Collaborating with many fashion designers to correlating their clothing to music, this long lasting company will remain ahead and continue to push fashion to strive forward. the relevance of a specific shoe has always reappeared but the Classic Adidas Superstar shoe has gone away yet.

Sneaker culture has remained present for many years, the beauty of this culture is that it will always be a reflection of music and social progression. RUN-DMC was one of the first artist that created an image for Hip-Hop to become apart of sneaker culture. His hit song “My Adidas”  was a big milestone for culture in general, RUN-DMC was able to become on of the first non-athletes to get a shoe deal. This song helped capture the tone of Adidas Classic Superstar, it had its own anthem. This anthem made it clear that Sneakers helped many people involved in Pop-Culture establish a social group. This song helped create other social groups that would not only embody the Superstars but would live the tone and mood RUN-DMC was trying to push out which was the desire of being a rockstar. Early Hip-Hop was captured as a reflection of a previous rock stars such as dressing and attitude, Run-DMC switched up that atmosphere by desiring only one brand of shoe and Co-signing this new sneaker company. Now today, many artist gravitate towards a certain fashion company just for that extra ‘flex’ on what they have on. Adidas was that flex that many artist pursue now, giving the Classic Superstars prestigious status in the sneaker culture.

The Adidas brand owns so many styles but the Superstars tend to capture every style they’ve tried to release, it could be a very subtle shoe but the rebirth of Yeezy joining Adidas helped the desire of having anything Adidas grow. Besides adidas previous collaborations with Jeremy Scott to Stan Smith: Raf Simons shoe project, Yeezy Season 3 helped the growth of Adidas. Once Yeezy Boost were released, the consumption of other Adidas’ shoes grew. Adidas was always a respected brand but after collaborating with Kanye West, the demand for any tubular or vintage sneaker rose within Adidas, the Rise of Yeezy’s actual fashion career and mixture of edgy music to match brought the overconsumption of his new Adidas shoe which led to become a prime shoe that broke many records.

Overall, Kanye West helped create Adidas and sparked the desire of wanting shoes like Superstars to Ultra Boost. Adidas remains successful because of the artist collaborations while fashion designers that create a shoe for Adidas are forgotten, artist like Kanye West and Run-DMC have created a milestone in fashion and pop culture that other shoe brands can’t capture. Adidas has remained one of the most competitive and outstanding brands by involving more Pop-Culture within its brand, this definitely separates Adidas with any other brand.



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