supreme-new-york-subway-metrocard-0Crowdsourcing is very important in the world of new media, the internet has found a way of connecting us with real experiences and real information. Crowdsourcing being communities building info
rmation to the web and that being connected to millions, crowdsourcing could be current events to live tweeting. The new release of the
Supreme MetroCards is a great example of crowdsourcing because it captures the intensity of this urban fashion brand merging with New York’s MetroCard. The Supreme brand alone holds so much power within fashion and has caused a lot chaos with the release of their collaboration with New York’s public transportation. In Highsnobiety, you can see first hand experiences and how hard it really is to get this rare new release.

Crowdsourcing is really important within this blog post because it just doesn’t state that New Yorkers are trying their best to get one of these cards but it shows the audience Instagram clips on what’s actually happening out there in the crowd. This follows both live current events and live tweeting, these two factors make crowdsourcing and makes current events even that more credible. The beauty in crowdsourcing is driven by being able to witness things first hand instead of waiting for major publications to swim through what appropriate for mainstream media. Crowdsourcing gives the people the opportunity of staying socially aware without having to rely on new station and anything that is released with a schedule. The Supreme MetroCard news is just a small example on how exciting society could be and is a reflection of how much fashion and art truly drives culture within the youth.

Crowdsourcing seems to capture anything that is happening within society and should not be taken lightly. Crowdsourcing could be a tool to fact check and to find a first hand witness. Major news sources do use crowdsourcing but they don’t tend to capture it at that moment. The majority of all crowdsourcing is onsight, social media provides people that platform that ties everyone together. Even Though you might not be friends or follow someone on a social media platform, eventually trending information will travel to you within that day. Like it or not, crowdsourcing is what created social media platforms and this new age of the internet. The ability to have a story trend is something that is taken lightly. Imagine you post a picture that captures something that is going on in society like the Supreme MetroCard, you never know if that story will trend but because that topic is trending and you happened to capture it live, that photo now becomes part of the community that is crowdsourcing that same topic.

Therefore, crowdsourcing is a tool that should be respected and is a new form of media that has a big influence towards society that could potentially capture major issues that contain first hand witnesses. The beauty within this tool is people that aren’t in that situation could grasp every emotion that is being fed towards that topic, live news contains so much more realism that makes the audience embrace its relevance.


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