Day Seven

Today we finished the design of the shirt and is ready to be sewed together. This design will be given away for free. and was the first cut and sew shirt I’ve ever made. Everything has been set up to sew and will take less than thirty minutes to complete. I really enjoyed the seven day task because I had to update the blog on each milestone.IMG_0697


Day Six

Today we were able to cut out our sleeves and measure out the collar so we could create a thin sized collar. I was able to attach the sleeves with pins and prepare to finish the design the next day to finish the Seven Day blogging challenge.

Day Five

Instead of cutting out the sleeves today, I decided to sew the body together. Now the design looks like a sleeveless and collarless shirt which just leaves us with two more things to do in order to have a wearable shirt. The only hiccup in this design is the thread getting tangled consistently . IMG_0695

Day Four

Yesterday we finished sewing the bottom half of the front piece and the back piece of the shirt. Now today we are setting up the front and the back of the shirt to sew together and become one. We are half way to our end goal on making a shirt and we are close to finishing this design. While I set up both shirts, I attach pins to hold it together and measure out the length of the starting stitches. Today was mainly spent on doing that and setting up the sewing machine with more thread so we can quickly finish the shirt.IMG_0694

Day Three

After getting sidetracked with other pointless fashion changes such as cutting up Tommy Hilfiger pajamas, I was finally able to start cutting and sewing my designs. The hardest part of cutting and sewing is trying to create a design that’s going to fit you and look stylish. After many hours of now leaving my room and having the fear of messing up a design, I was finally able to perfectly cut out and sew two different types of fabric together. This was challenging because it meant I had to measure both sets of fabric differently. IMG_0693

Day Two

Day two was filled with a couple of errors such as accidentally making an opposite layout. To fully understand how I messed up, yo-u have to draw yourself back to elementary when you learned how to fold hot dog style and draw a symmetrical heart. How I messed up is I accidentally flipped the paper the opposite way and didn’t follow the previous outline.

I was then forced to restart with a new piece of construction paper. I quickly caught up to what I’ve done and I was finally able to move on to the sleeves that will be posted tomorrow. I was able to cut out the main part that takes a bit more time than the sleeves.

Follow up on tomorrows blog over sleeve creation!IMG_0692.JPG

Day 1: Patter Layout

Starting off the first day of the Seven Day series, I had to lay out a big roll of construction paper so I could create the patterns. This is important to making a shirt from scratch because we need a big piece of paper to cut out a copy of a t-shirt for sizing and to help you cut out the fabric.

Today I had to unroll a yard of paper and flatten the paper so when I start cutting out and tracing the paper, it won’t cur; up and ruin the trace and the pattern of the layout. IMG_0691.JPG

T-Shirt Creation For Seven Days

For Immediate Release



T-shirt being made from scratch while also recording the process of every milestone

Denver Colo. March 16-22, 2017- For the next Seven days, I will be designing a shirt from scratch and will blog about the progression of my work for. This will be a serial blog that will be posted daily and will cover the work I’ve done.

This will not only be documented on the blog page but will also be recored on twitter: @AngelBlogs1. This is an interesting story to those that want to see the process of creating a t-shirt from scratch and seeing what its like to cut and sew material.

Each blog post will go in depth in what I did that day with designing the shirt to formatting every detail, this will start on March 16, 2017.No screen print content will be apart of this process and will mainly just be basic sewing.

This will be an event that you don’t want to miss, this will be my very first design made from scratch and won’t follow another design out in the industry. “Just because you buy a screen printer and a t-shirt doesn’t make you a designer.”- Rakim Mayers.