Fashion In Denver

This weekend (March 3,2017) I will be attending a The Denver Art Museum  for the “Shock Wave” Exhibition. Throughout my trip I will be live tweeting the event and will even include some interesting experiences during the event. This exhibition contains many high end ddownloadesigners such as Comme des Garçon to Yohji Yamamoto, and many more.

This experience will encourage readers and followers to take a trip down to The Denver Art Museum and will influence many young people to truly connect with 80-90’s fashion that is still a big influence today. This is relevant to today’s fashion trend and is a big reflection of European and Japanese fashion. The whole correlation of the show will be created by Florence Müller, the Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art and Curator of Fashion, who joined the museum in 2015. This excursion is not only important for the youth but is a big attraction for a sub-culture that involves combining music with fashion.
Stay tuned for live tweets and live blogs that could influence you to also check out the exhibition, each tweet or post will be immediate reactions to the art show.


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