T-Shirt Creation For Seven Days

For Immediate Release




T-shirt being made from scratch while also recording the process of every milestone

Denver Colo. March 16-22, 2017- For the next Seven days, I will be designing a shirt from scratch and will blog about the progression of my work for. This will be a serial blog that will be posted daily and will cover the work I’ve done.

This will not only be documented on the blog page but will also be recored on twitter: @AngelBlogs1. This is an interesting story to those that want to see the process of creating a t-shirt from scratch and seeing what its like to cut and sew material.

Each blog post will go in depth in what I did that day with designing the shirt to formatting every detail, this will start on March 16, 2017.No screen print content will be apart of this process and will mainly just be basic sewing.

This will be an event that you don’t want to miss, this will be my very first design made from scratch and won’t follow another design out in the industry. “Just because you buy a screen printer and a t-shirt doesn’t make you a designer.”- Rakim Mayers.


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