Because the Internet (Not Gambino)

The internet has always battled with having a comment section. As we further develop social media, the comment section is still a relevant source for feedback and content creators. We need to keep comment sections in the web because they help draw reviews from online shopping, entertainment, and even news sites. Comments help keep a conversation going, it’s just as equal sharing stories and content because you’re evoking conversation.


“I love the idea of people being able to interact. At the end of the day, we are a local news site,” said Newman.


YouTube has had the power to help weave out the negative comments and has helped content creators be more active with their subscribers. The same could be transferred with blog post and any other audience guided site. “You must also take into account the rapidly growing audience for YouTube, more people means more opinions.” The comment section is filled with both positive and negative comments but weaving through internet trolls has to be a big issue because those are the comments that happen to get more attention. The comment section has helped evaluate reasonable feedback while involving the audience. Even though some news sites are only posting comments within 24 hours of being posted. The NY Times has people observing the comments in order to flag those that may be negative or insensitive. The NY Times encourages their audience to comment so they could evoke conversation within their sire.


The difference between both of these platforms is YouTube could be more informal while a news site is more formal, but when they both reach mainstream media platforms such as facebook or twitter, one can’t really avoid negative comments. Cyberbullying is relevant with today’s youth but this shouldn’t be the only reason why the comment section should be taken down. Upcoming sites need feedback and reviews. Adults should have the skill of maneuvering through negative comments, real impactful creators can’t be strung over negative comments because that will not let any site grow. The comment section is just as important as the content because it is adding to the conversation, Imagine just sharing content with no comment. The feedback isn’t beneficial because no comment was attached. This of course being a reasonable comment. News sites need comments because they need people, and more than anything, people want to connect with other people.
Comments help build the conversation and are a major factor towards adding the content purpose. Every YouTube video, blog site, or even shopping site want a comment section because it ultimately helps them grow as a content creator. Overall, the comment section has brought many sites’ quality up and has sparked more audience involvement. If we didn’t have the comment section, content creators would be just talking to a wall or it would all be one sided with no feedback. Although it is all free entertainment, millions could be viewing and that alone will make anyone want to give out their best work. The internet is global and so is the conversation within the comment section.


Internet Journalism

Internet journalism is on the rise and has forced newspapers to go out of business, much like The Rocky Mountain News. This alone is a harsh reality for many individuals who have been around print issues and have collected special issues either local or national, important events like your hometown team winning a championship to national issues like 9/11. Print newspapers have been such a strong foundation in America’s culture and is quite hard to fully grasp as a millennial. The newspaper fought against televised reporting and held glory behind its name.


Reports have carried legacies behind the newspaper and have had the name of a paper be apart of their introduction. When you hear someone’s name like David Carr and followed by from The New York Times, you hear that prestige reporting carrying out and understanding that whatever story is being written, it will be influential and important. Newspaper’s have always carried out a certain legacy because of their reporting and their need for valuable information. Reporters strive off finding information for themselves and could be seen in various films much like Page One and Spotlight. Reporters intensely investigate issues that have been previously covered but expose a different angle that could give the reader a different understanding.


The issue with Internet journalism is the majority of bloggers and media outlets fail to hold a prestige legacy but are satisfied with what small information has been presented to them. The need to regurgitate information in new media is very popular solely because internet reporters fail to find more for a story despite the fear of being sued or targeted by a mass group. This one is what ultimately separates internet reporting with newspaper reporting. The need for more news isn’t equivalent to what is being told. We need newspaper reporting still but not in every household, just so we could get different sources of news.


The internet has been a huge comfort for many individuals but we are failing to fully put stories together because of technological age gaps. Millennials had no choice but to learn using the internet while those previous have adapted to hard copies and investigating issues through meetings and face to face interviews. Internet media outlets still carry these abilities but don’t enforce the need of finding more information but mainly use it as entertainment for viewers and sometime pull away information. Podcast have become an important tool to the new media world because it allows direct conversation with a main subject while the people could also tune in and listen and occasionally watch. This isn’t anything new but what differentiates this from regular radio is the ability to reach out to a global audience and helps an interview be more raw and uncut, by the time you read that interview in the paper, you will see pull away quotes and potentially biased interviewer quotes.

New media could be more successful overall if we stopped cycling through the same news sources and did independent investigation like several other prestige news sources.

Small Boutique Owner


  1. What makes Denver unique within high fashion?



It’s come a long way since the 1990’s, when I first went to a Nuggets game I couldn’t believe the denim! I came from California, it’s more laid back like the East Coast,but Denver has come a long way. If I have to depend on just a Denver market then I would be out of business. I can’t depend on just Denver because we’re behind on some fashion but they are catching up. I encourage people to go to the East or West Coast if you want to make a career out of that.


  1.  Have you appeared in any fashion shows after opening?


Yes, Cynthia Petrus is in charge of curating my shows. Our latest show was a charity event in August and the next one will be again in August at the Centennial Airport called Flight to Luxury.


  1. Have you noticed the rise in urban street wear merging with high end fashion?


“The youth has a huge voice with their buying power.”


I don’t really follow that. I know the younger generation is more conscience about clothing than ever before and they’re spending so much on clothes. The youth has a huge voice with their buying power.


  4.Would you introduce young upcoming designers to your store?


I’m always looking for upcoming designers. Just last fall I bought pocket squares called Flair & Square. I like giving people that are new a shot but only if it fits my clientele, If not I would guide them to stores that have that specific clientele.

I don’t know many places that carry high end designers but many carry a lot of smaller rising designers since they’ve had a bigger impact on the market.

No Jumper Podcast

No Jumper is a YouTube podcast that could also be found on any other podcast site. The podcast that caught my attention is the Ian Connor and Shane Gonzales, they are both young fashion icons that have developed many upcoming artist images. I decided to watch the the interview instead of listening to the podcast because I would rather watch the conversation happen instead of only listening to it. No Jumper is a podcast that is recorded and filmed behind a BMX bike called ONSOMESHIT. No Jumper host many edgy artist interviews that have influenced urban culture from fashion, music, and even other big YouTuber’s that have gained a cult following. No Jumper has created his own cult following which is a fan base that is dedicated to a certain culture.

In this podcast, they discussed the success they have created since they were eighteen years old. To fill in the gaps on who they are, Ian Connor is a creative director/stylist and has worked with many artist starting with Wiz Khalifa to now being under contract with A$AP Rocky and having a helping hand with high fashion creations like Dior and was a relevant model in Yeezy Szn 3. Shane Gonzales is a fashion designer and has also been a stylist for early artist but decided to stick to his own brand which is Midnight Studios.

This podcast covers multiple stories related to what has been going on in the correlation of fashion and music. Adam from No Jumper doesn’t ask big questions but instead creates an open conversation that still creates a subject but has some questions that keeps both interviewees on check with staying on subject. Adam only ask questions that help create stories and questions that help viewers understand how relatable these young fashion icons really are. Ian Connor helps draw a picture about how he creates his outfits, feeling and activity is a big factor on what he wears and why he wears it. Ian Connor met Kanye West while wearing Sketchers and made the world respect that shoe company and its pricing. This is just one example of Ian Connor’s young legacy and what he has done. This same meeting helped curate Kanye West newest shoe which looks exactly like a Sketcher shoe. Ian Connor chooses not to show off in the media because he expresses himself through social media, he decides to not mess with any media plugs because of the hate he might receive through bashing other artist. Shane Gonzales has never been apart of any video production and No Jumper has had the honor to host these two individuals that usually deny interviews.

No Jumper has established its slogan which is, “The coolest podcast in the world.” Mainly because they get young visionaries that are being ignored through the large media lense but continuously prove they are important figures in youth culture. Ian Connor understands he is the king of youth culture because he tries to bring in younger brands to the fashion light. “Kids are the future.”-Ian Connor.