No Jumper Podcast

No Jumper is a YouTube podcast that could also be found on any other podcast site. The podcast that caught my attention is the Ian Connor and Shane Gonzales, they are both young fashion icons that have developed many upcoming artist images. I decided to watch the the interview instead of listening to the podcast because I would rather watch the conversation happen instead of only listening to it. No Jumper is a podcast that is recorded and filmed behind a BMX bike called ONSOMESHIT. No Jumper host many edgy artist interviews that have influenced urban culture from fashion, music, and even other big YouTuber’s that have gained a cult following. No Jumper has created his own cult following which is a fan base that is dedicated to a certain culture.

In this podcast, they discussed the success they have created since they were eighteen years old. To fill in the gaps on who they are, Ian Connor is a creative director/stylist and has worked with many artist starting with Wiz Khalifa to now being under contract with A$AP Rocky and having a helping hand with high fashion creations like Dior and was a relevant model in Yeezy Szn 3. Shane Gonzales is a fashion designer and has also been a stylist for early artist but decided to stick to his own brand which is Midnight Studios.

This podcast covers multiple stories related to what has been going on in the correlation of fashion and music. Adam from No Jumper doesn’t ask big questions but instead creates an open conversation that still creates a subject but has some questions that keeps both interviewees on check with staying on subject. Adam only ask questions that help create stories and questions that help viewers understand how relatable these young fashion icons really are. Ian Connor helps draw a picture about how he creates his outfits, feeling and activity is a big factor on what he wears and why he wears it. Ian Connor met Kanye West while wearing Sketchers and made the world respect that shoe company and its pricing. This is just one example of Ian Connor’s young legacy and what he has done. This same meeting helped curate Kanye West newest shoe which looks exactly like a Sketcher shoe. Ian Connor chooses not to show off in the media because he expresses himself through social media, he decides to not mess with any media plugs because of the hate he might receive through bashing other artist. Shane Gonzales has never been apart of any video production and No Jumper has had the honor to host these two individuals that usually deny interviews.

No Jumper has established its slogan which is, “The coolest podcast in the world.” Mainly because they get young visionaries that are being ignored through the large media lense but continuously prove they are important figures in youth culture. Ian Connor understands he is the king of youth culture because he tries to bring in younger brands to the fashion light. “Kids are the future.”-Ian Connor.


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