Small Boutique Owner


  1. What makes Denver unique within high fashion?



It’s come a long way since the 1990’s, when I first went to a Nuggets game I couldn’t believe the denim! I came from California, it’s more laid back like the East Coast,but Denver has come a long way. If I have to depend on just a Denver market then I would be out of business. I can’t depend on just Denver because we’re behind on some fashion but they are catching up. I encourage people to go to the East or West Coast if you want to make a career out of that.


  1.  Have you appeared in any fashion shows after opening?


Yes, Cynthia Petrus is in charge of curating my shows. Our latest show was a charity event in August and the next one will be again in August at the Centennial Airport called Flight to Luxury.


  1. Have you noticed the rise in urban street wear merging with high end fashion?


“The youth has a huge voice with their buying power.”


I don’t really follow that. I know the younger generation is more conscience about clothing than ever before and they’re spending so much on clothes. The youth has a huge voice with their buying power.


  4.Would you introduce young upcoming designers to your store?


I’m always looking for upcoming designers. Just last fall I bought pocket squares called Flair & Square. I like giving people that are new a shot but only if it fits my clientele, If not I would guide them to stores that have that specific clientele.

I don’t know many places that carry high end designers but many carry a lot of smaller rising designers since they’ve had a bigger impact on the market.


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