Internet Journalism

Internet journalism is on the rise and has forced newspapers to go out of business, much like The Rocky Mountain News. This alone is a harsh reality for many individuals who have been around print issues and have collected special issues either local or national, important events like your hometown team winning a championship to national issues like 9/11. Print newspapers have been such a strong foundation in America’s culture and is quite hard to fully grasp as a millennial. The newspaper fought against televised reporting and held glory behind its name.


Reports have carried legacies behind the newspaper and have had the name of a paper be apart of their introduction. When you hear someone’s name like David Carr and followed by from The New York Times, you hear that prestige reporting carrying out and understanding that whatever story is being written, it will be influential and important. Newspaper’s have always carried out a certain legacy because of their reporting and their need for valuable information. Reporters strive off finding information for themselves and could be seen in various films much like Page One and Spotlight. Reporters intensely investigate issues that have been previously covered but expose a different angle that could give the reader a different understanding.


The issue with Internet journalism is the majority of bloggers and media outlets fail to hold a prestige legacy but are satisfied with what small information has been presented to them. The need to regurgitate information in new media is very popular solely because internet reporters fail to find more for a story despite the fear of being sued or targeted by a mass group. This one is what ultimately separates internet reporting with newspaper reporting. The need for more news isn’t equivalent to what is being told. We need newspaper reporting still but not in every household, just so we could get different sources of news.


The internet has been a huge comfort for many individuals but we are failing to fully put stories together because of technological age gaps. Millennials had no choice but to learn using the internet while those previous have adapted to hard copies and investigating issues through meetings and face to face interviews. Internet media outlets still carry these abilities but don’t enforce the need of finding more information but mainly use it as entertainment for viewers and sometime pull away information. Podcast have become an important tool to the new media world because it allows direct conversation with a main subject while the people could also tune in and listen and occasionally watch. This isn’t anything new but what differentiates this from regular radio is the ability to reach out to a global audience and helps an interview be more raw and uncut, by the time you read that interview in the paper, you will see pull away quotes and potentially biased interviewer quotes.

New media could be more successful overall if we stopped cycling through the same news sources and did independent investigation like several other prestige news sources.


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