Day Two

Day two was filled with a couple of errors such as accidentally making an opposite layout. To fully understand how I messed up, yo-u have to draw yourself back to elementary when you learned how to fold hot dog style and draw a symmetrical heart. How I messed up is I accidentally flipped the paper the opposite way and didn’t follow the previous outline.

I was then forced to restart with a new piece of construction paper. I quickly caught up to what I’ve done and I was finally able to move on to the sleeves that will be posted tomorrow. I was able to cut out the main part that takes a bit more time than the sleeves.

Follow up on tomorrows blog over sleeve creation!IMG_0692.JPG


Day 1: Patter Layout

Starting off the first day of the Seven Day series, I had to lay out a big roll of construction paper so I could create the patterns. This is important to making a shirt from scratch because we need a big piece of paper to cut out a copy of a t-shirt for sizing and to help you cut out the fabric.

Today I had to unroll a yard of paper and flatten the paper so when I start cutting out and tracing the paper, it won’t cur; up and ruin the trace and the pattern of the layout. IMG_0691.JPG

T-Shirt Creation For Seven Days

For Immediate Release



T-shirt being made from scratch while also recording the process of every milestone

Denver Colo. March 16-22, 2017- For the next Seven days, I will be designing a shirt from scratch and will blog about the progression of my work for. This will be a serial blog that will be posted daily and will cover the work I’ve done.

This will not only be documented on the blog page but will also be recored on twitter: @AngelBlogs1. This is an interesting story to those that want to see the process of creating a t-shirt from scratch and seeing what its like to cut and sew material.

Each blog post will go in depth in what I did that day with designing the shirt to formatting every detail, this will start on March 16, 2017.No screen print content will be apart of this process and will mainly just be basic sewing.

This will be an event that you don’t want to miss, this will be my very first design made from scratch and won’t follow another design out in the industry. “Just because you buy a screen printer and a t-shirt doesn’t make you a designer.”- Rakim Mayers.

Fashion In Denver

This weekend (March 3,2017) I will be attending a The Denver Art Museum  for the “Shock Wave” Exhibition. Throughout my trip I will be live tweeting the event and will even include some interesting experiences during the event. This exhibition contains many high end ddownloadesigners such as Comme des Garçon to Yohji Yamamoto, and many more.

This experience will encourage readers and followers to take a trip down to The Denver Art Museum and will influence many young people to truly connect with 80-90’s fashion that is still a big influence today. This is relevant to today’s fashion trend and is a big reflection of European and Japanese fashion. The whole correlation of the show will be created by Florence Müller, the Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art and Curator of Fashion, who joined the museum in 2015. This excursion is not only important for the youth but is a big attraction for a sub-culture that involves combining music with fashion.
Stay tuned for live tweets and live blogs that could influence you to also check out the exhibition, each tweet or post will be immediate reactions to the art show.


supreme-new-york-subway-metrocard-0Crowdsourcing is very important in the world of new media, the internet has found a way of connecting us with real experiences and real information. Crowdsourcing being communities building info
rmation to the web and that being connected to millions, crowdsourcing could be current events to live tweeting. The new release of the
Supreme MetroCards is a great example of crowdsourcing because it captures the intensity of this urban fashion brand merging with New York’s MetroCard. The Supreme brand alone holds so much power within fashion and has caused a lot chaos with the release of their collaboration with New York’s public transportation. In Highsnobiety, you can see first hand experiences and how hard it really is to get this rare new release.

Crowdsourcing is really important within this blog post because it just doesn’t state that New Yorkers are trying their best to get one of these cards but it shows the audience Instagram clips on what’s actually happening out there in the crowd. This follows both live current events and live tweeting, these two factors make crowdsourcing and makes current events even that more credible. The beauty in crowdsourcing is driven by being able to witness things first hand instead of waiting for major publications to swim through what appropriate for mainstream media. Crowdsourcing gives the people the opportunity of staying socially aware without having to rely on new station and anything that is released with a schedule. The Supreme MetroCard news is just a small example on how exciting society could be and is a reflection of how much fashion and art truly drives culture within the youth.

Crowdsourcing seems to capture anything that is happening within society and should not be taken lightly. Crowdsourcing could be a tool to fact check and to find a first hand witness. Major news sources do use crowdsourcing but they don’t tend to capture it at that moment. The majority of all crowdsourcing is onsight, social media provides people that platform that ties everyone together. Even Though you might not be friends or follow someone on a social media platform, eventually trending information will travel to you within that day. Like it or not, crowdsourcing is what created social media platforms and this new age of the internet. The ability to have a story trend is something that is taken lightly. Imagine you post a picture that captures something that is going on in society like the Supreme MetroCard, you never know if that story will trend but because that topic is trending and you happened to capture it live, that photo now becomes part of the community that is crowdsourcing that same topic.

Therefore, crowdsourcing is a tool that should be respected and is a new form of media that has a big influence towards society that could potentially capture major issues that contain first hand witnesses. The beauty within this tool is people that aren’t in that situation could grasp every emotion that is being fed towards that topic, live news contains so much more realism that makes the audience embrace its relevance.

Three Stripes

Adidas has always been one of the leading shoe brands out there. Collaborating with many fashion designers to correlating their clothing to music, this long lasting company will remain ahead and continue to push fashion to strive forward. the relevance of a specific shoe has always reappeared but the Classic Adidas Superstar shoe has gone away yet.

Sneaker culture has remained present for many years, the beauty of this culture is that it will always be a reflection of music and social progression. RUN-DMC was one of the first artist that created an image for Hip-Hop to become apart of sneaker culture. His hit song “My Adidas”  was a big milestone for culture in general, RUN-DMC was able to become on of the first non-athletes to get a shoe deal. This song helped capture the tone of Adidas Classic Superstar, it had its own anthem. This anthem made it clear that Sneakers helped many people involved in Pop-Culture establish a social group. This song helped create other social groups that would not only embody the Superstars but would live the tone and mood RUN-DMC was trying to push out which was the desire of being a rockstar. Early Hip-Hop was captured as a reflection of a previous rock stars such as dressing and attitude, Run-DMC switched up that atmosphere by desiring only one brand of shoe and Co-signing this new sneaker company. Now today, many artist gravitate towards a certain fashion company just for that extra ‘flex’ on what they have on. Adidas was that flex that many artist pursue now, giving the Classic Superstars prestigious status in the sneaker culture.

The Adidas brand owns so many styles but the Superstars tend to capture every style they’ve tried to release, it could be a very subtle shoe but the rebirth of Yeezy joining Adidas helped the desire of having anything Adidas grow. Besides adidas previous collaborations with Jeremy Scott to Stan Smith: Raf Simons shoe project, Yeezy Season 3 helped the growth of Adidas. Once Yeezy Boost were released, the consumption of other Adidas’ shoes grew. Adidas was always a respected brand but after collaborating with Kanye West, the demand for any tubular or vintage sneaker rose within Adidas, the Rise of Yeezy’s actual fashion career and mixture of edgy music to match brought the overconsumption of his new Adidas shoe which led to become a prime shoe that broke many records.

Overall, Kanye West helped create Adidas and sparked the desire of wanting shoes like Superstars to Ultra Boost. Adidas remains successful because of the artist collaborations while fashion designers that create a shoe for Adidas are forgotten, artist like Kanye West and Run-DMC have created a milestone in fashion and pop culture that other shoe brands can’t capture. Adidas has remained one of the most competitive and outstanding brands by involving more Pop-Culture within its brand, this definitely separates Adidas with any other brand.


A Blog About Blogs

Blogging could be seen as a new method of writing and is seen as a tool that no one really needs. Blogging has created new platforms that have proven to become extremely successful, introduced new key elements in social media, and have formed the power of blog sites along with corporate businesses.

Blogging is seen as to be an irrelevant form of media and has been said to die out! Blogging is still on the rise and has created it’s own social tools that could bring an individual to success just by having small exposure in the blog. Links are often used for other blog writers and news sources through the internet, but this new age has created many opportunities for individuals that have important ideas that are being captured through the corporate world. Blogging has fuzed the phrase ‘ it’s not what you know but who you know,’ since many individuals have found success through the ability of sharing and linking others.

Blogging has created a tool to share and share people’s work and even your personal life although that form of blogging has now transferred over to a form of video blogging through YouTube. Blogging has repeatedly adapted to the internet such as social media sites creating the ability to share and to link actual people together. Twitter, Tumbler, and even Facebook has created the ability to do exactly what blogs are known to do which is hyperlinking and sharing post to continuously run through the spider-web of social media. Although it might not be exactly like a blog such as quality of writing to topical situations, social media still holds the ideas of an actual blog which is the ability to share others and be more connected with an other internet persona.

The success of blogs has often been overseen and have been ignored socially but the corporate world has invested so much on their internet persona. The ability of having a present internet persona and a credible one could help build a company’s label and could even improve their sales and the whole company’s image. Having the ability to market through blogs and being able to show an online presence could encourage more customer involvement while also having new customers view the company’s good online ratings. Blogs help support ratings while giving customer reviews, the beauty in this is it could spark conversation between a company and a customer. This exact thing could also be seen on twitter and is an exact reflection of ‘@’ someone.’ This small thing helps evoke conversation that is usually hard to obtain when dealing with a company. Having a company blog could help push out new merchandise and have pre-orders ready. Instead of marketing through a company that isn’t in on building a customer and company relationship, blogging could help a company save money by relying on the power of the internet to push out their new merchandise.

The power of a blog could influence culture and anything within those lines. Many blogs were and still are created to influence culture and to evoke change within the community. Music blogs have continuously created a trending artist that have had a cultural impact. World Star Hip Hop has created the ability to share music and to share new artist that have now influenced the culture to progress further on music or even a trending feed such as fashion or a new fun meme. (A meme being an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.) These blogs have created a new wave of marketing and ideas, big corporations are now relying on these blogs in order to push out new relevant artist and are consistently looking for the new Hot 100 songs. Blogs have created things that many of us consistently overlook and are constantly establishing cultural milestones.

New media has even crossed over to journalism and has created many platforms that could be said to be more credible and reliable than actual news sources. Well these blog sources aren’t as prestigious but do push out faster content and could become a site that many individuals check first such as Buzzed to Complex News. Bloggers are starting to get more recognition by bigger companies because of the great work they output in the public sphere to the following they have established on their own. Blogging is a faster way on entering the world of journalism and has even brought many opportunities to those with a mass following and it has even influenced blogs to become their own network.
Overall, blogs have progressed through every form of society. That being of course through the corporate realm, youth culture, and even news media outlets. The ability to share and share has gone a long way and is still progressing through social media and even all of your hobbies!

Conversational Web

Blogging has erupted through the modern world and has become the new way of reporting and reacting towards events. This new form of media sparked a wave of conversation by simply just being apart of a trending feed. The same trending feeds could be seen on every social media platform, everyone has the tools to be a blogger, with or without a mass audience.

The beauty about blogging has grown through the appearance of civic journalism and armchair reporting. Blogs help out the main stream media report relevant segments that could embark a feed of trending subjects such as magazine’s hiring bloggers to expand on past post either through; fashion, music, cooking, etc… The final outcome of blogging was created to


share and link author’s work, Felix Salmon endorsed the idea of everyone being a blogger since everyone takes part in conversation. Blogging has stripped away newspaper tendencies such as a potentially biased opinions to selective exposure in media. Although blogs do send of a biased opinion, they also habit other links that help generate both sides of one news story.

The ability to share and link a blog together has drifted away from the standard journalist ideals, that being, “journalists hate to credit others, while bloggers love to.” Once said in “Notes On Blogging Journalist” by Felix Salmon, that alone separates the previous ideas on account of the birth of this new media. New media alone host the voice of many artist that hold conversation let alone, the birth of new media brought out the capability to explore people’s blogs that contain deeper thinking and understanding of an individual’s background, that being through culture or not. The importance of blogging was held down to the understanding of a voice and taking advantage of what that voice embodies. Blogging alone holds more truth about an issue and more genuine emotion that some media sites can’t cover or won’t cover because it expresses too much realism of humanity.

The original media such as newspapers or online platforms that embed the newspapers ideas only show the majority voice such as things that would be well accepted to a mass audience of readers. Blogging has exposed voices that are left out of the mass media, simply because it isn’t covered in that weeks issue or because it isn’t backed up enough by many voices. The ability to create a blog has been left open for any individual that wants to be more involved with this new method of conversing, in spite the fact that a social media network could correspond as its own blog.

In a more direct approach, blogging is very crucial in this society because of how many individuals have become reliant on blog sites and have shouted an innovative voice such as continuously having a conversation through links and post. Blogs have given the people more of a voice but a voice that isn’t destined for dry conversation, instead it’s a voice that is constantly heard and fed back through the many sources of the web. Blogging has emerged to create constant conversation while other sources just rely on your ability to take in information and wait for the next source. Although it isn’t news, blogs have created categories that report back on what should cross your web.